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Teasers 101 - Tease Please

A teaser is that girl in the office place, gym or on the street that keeps her thong showing so you get some ideas. A teaser in sports betting is a different matter altogether.

Teasers are bets that are offered in spread sports like football and basketball. First and foremost, a teaser is like a parlay in the sense that every game has to hit or you lose the entire bet. You hit them all, you win. You lose any game in the teaser and you lose the entire bet.

There is one big difference between teasers and parlays: you are allowed to move the point spread in any direction that you like on a particular game.

For example, if the Lions are favored by 8 points over the Bills, teaser bettors have the option of moving the point spread in either direction. You can tease the Bills up to +14 or tease the Lions down to -2 (assuming it’s a six-point teaser).

In football, bettors are given the options to move the line anywhere from six points per game all the way up to 20 points at some sportsbooks. The difference is that the more points you get, the lower the payoff in return.

Similarly, there are teasers in basketball but obviously since the scoring system is different in that sport, so is the points breakdown in a basketball teaser.

Double-check the rules of what happens when you push on a teaser. Just like its always best to check the top online casino reviews USA offer before laying your money on the virtual tables. In some places, you get your money back regardless whether the other outcomes win or lose. In other places, it can be graded as a loss or the teaser may just drop down one game, as in a parlay.

The benefits of betting a teaser is that it allows you to move the point spread. Bookies spends hours on end coming up with the right point spread and then all of the sudden like a good blackjack bonus, you can walk up to the window and change the line however you want.

The main goal of a teaser is to cross as many key numbers as you can – especially in football. If you are playing a teaser, you want to cross key numbers like three, seven, 10 and 14 to protect yourself as best as possible.

Below is an example of a teaser:

Bills +7.5 -110
Lions -7.5 -110

Seahawks +8 -110
Patriots -8 -110

Bears +7.5 -105
Giants -7.5 -105

Three-Game, Seven-Point Teaser:

Pick 1. Lions -0.5
Pick 2: Seahawks +14
Pick 3: Giants -0.5

In this case, we are teasing the Lions and Giants down to -0.5, and teasing the Seahawks up to +14.

Keep in mind that payouts vary from sportsbook to sportsbook depending on how many points you take, how many teams you include in the teaser and depending on the sport.

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