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BetMania Review

Bet Mania Review

BetMania has been around for nearly 15 years but there is a reason why you don’t hear much about it: they don’t stand out in a crowded room. And as a matter of fact, when they have stood out, it has been for the wrong reasons, such as taking too long to payout customers.

They offer a big signup bonuses and lowered juice, which is a nice attraction. The bonuses are above the industry standard, which is good, but they also come with relatively high rollovers. As far as the lowered juice, in an era where -110 is ubiquitous, BetMania’s -107 for football and -108 is a welcome sight.

Even so, they need to get their customer service in order before they can become a recognizable name.

1. Who Bets Here

BetMania is very much a public sportsbook and for the most part, it appears that that’s who they are targeting. Their bonuses are above average and that seems to reel in the casual bettors.

For the sharps, the low juice and the high limits are an attraction, but the high rollovers might serve as a deterrent.


  • Credit Card
  • Western Union (free over $300)
  • Bank Wire (must be over $2000)


  • Cheques (one free one every 30 days)
  • Bank Wire
  • 2. Customer Service

    The biggest red flag for staying away from a sportsbook is poor customer service. Many times a shop will be Dr. Jekyll before you deposit and Mr. Hyde after they have your money.

    It’s not to say that BetMania is that type of sportsbook through and through but they have had a number of reported cases of not only jagged customer service but long, protracted payout times. Their phone support is pretty good and like most sportsbooks, available 24/7/365 but their live chat is spotty. They’ll have only one chat operator overnight, which means you might have to wait if you want some late night chat and even placing a call might ring without an answer.

    These aren’t deal breakers for some, but they are decent-sized flaws.

    Considering they don’t have any particular feature that stands head and shoulders above everyone else, one might question whether it’s worth it to take the risk with a sportsbook who has a shady track record, especially since there are so many other options out there.

    Methods of Contact

    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Live chat

    3. Placing A Bet

    Placing a bet at BetMania is like riding a bicycle and for many people, they’ve used this type of betting engine before.

    Once you login, the first thing that will popup is a query of what type of wager you want to place (straight bet, teaser, if bet, futures, etc.). When that’s out of the way, you’ll see their entire board of events and the ones you can bet on will either be highlighted (hyperlinked) or there will be a checkbox beside them.

    After you’ve picked your poison, the lines will lay out for you and you enter your amount in the box beside pick. Enter, confirm and you’re done.

    The engine is old school but for a lot of bettors, they are content with it. It’s not pretty but it’s quick and dirty, and that’s all that matters.

    Methods of Betting

    • Internet
    • Phone

    4. Variety

    As far as variety goes, BetMania is your average, everyday shop.

    They cover the nightly lines of all the major sports, you’ll get a sprinkling of decent futures, toss in a good amount of MMA and you are good to go.

    One area that BetMania does standout is that they offer lines on European Hockey and European Basketball. It’s becoming more common that sportsbooks offer these lines but not everyone does, so BetMania does get a checkmark there.

    Exotics and wacky props are not common place at BetMania and live betting is also something that is omitted.

    Overall, though, they have the regular bread and butter lines and not much more.


    • NFL Games: $10,000
    • NBA: Games: $5,000
    • NHL Games: $5,000
    • MLB Games: $5,000

    5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

    BetMania sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

    6. Bonus & Rebate Program

    BetMania does offer healthy bonuses, which does make up for some of their other flaws. While they do have bonuses that are above the industry norm, they also have rollovers tied in which are also higher than the industry average.

    Let’s start with the good. The bonuses that range between 25% up to 100% are above the industry standards. If a big initial deposit bonus is a requirement for you, you probably won’t find bonuses much higher than these.

    Small fish get a 100% free play bonus on deposits of $100-$300. Players who initially deposit $300 - $1000 get a 25% cash bonus and beyond that, you get a 40% bonus (20% cash, 20% free play).

    BetMania also has a healthy amount of promotional bonuses popping up either tied to events, like the fourth of July, or upcoming seasons (NFL, NBA, etc.).

    The downside is the high rollover bonuses. Rollovers can range from 6x, which is palatable, all the way up to 11x, which is pushing the limits. On a $2000 initial deposit at BetMania, they’ll chip in 40% in bonuses ($800) but you’ll have to wager $22,400 worth of action before you withdraw. Many people can handle that type of action but they are making your roll it over more than most places would.

    7. Website & Usability

    BetMania’s website has a clean cut look and while you originally land on a home page that is barebones – like most sportsbooks – they do a good job of dressing it up. They have a cool flash menu that scrolls through current features and promotions and below is some half-decent sports content. They aren’t competing with ESPN.com and their information probably won’t help you win bets, but at least it is offered and it surely makes their home page look livelier.

    The login-password boxes are right at the top of the home page, so you don’t have to search long, and once you are in you’ll find a check-and-check box betting engine that is common to a number of sportsbooks.

    The good news about this system is that it is simple to use, but it is somewhat outdated. For many bettors, though, that’s actually a plus since gamblers are creatures of habit – not change.

    There are two rows near the top of the page that help your navigation. One row deals with bet types, so you can hunt and click your if bets/futures/parlays right away, and the second row deals with your account information, such as pending wagers, transactions, cashier and etc.

    Since they keep it simple, there is virtually zero lag jumping from page to page and as bettors know, betting can be time sensitive. That won’t be an issue at BetMania.

    Overall, they pass this test with flying colors. One pet peeve is that to go back to their home page, you have to click on the small ‘home’ link and can’t use the big company logo to get back to the main page. Not a huge issue, clearly, but since it caught our eye, we’ll pass it along.

    8. Reputation

    Due to some customer services issues and some slow payouts, BetMania obviously doesn’t have a very good reputation at this point. For many people, they haven’t heard a lot about BetMania so another thing they need to work on is getting their brand out there – once they’ve ironed out some of the flaws.

    Click Here To Visit BetMania.com


    700 meters SW, 25 meters north
    Los Azofeifa Street
    Guachipelin Escazu
    San Jose, Costa Rica


    Visit BetMania.com

    Customer Service:



    US Dollars

    Software Provider:

    World Gaming


    Receive $100 Cash (no rollover - no hold) every time you refer a Friend to Betmania.

    107 Juice

    107 Juice on Football action (NCAA & NFL) all Season. Sides only - straight bets. Applies to online or call center wagers.

    108 Juice

    108 Juice on Basketball action (NCAA & NBA) all Season. Sides only - straight bets. Applies to online or call center wagers.

    FREE 1/2 Point

    Monday through Friday from 5pm ET to 6pm ET. NBA and College
    Regular Season ONLY.
    200% cash bonus (Initial and reload deposit)
    Max deposit $1,500 - max cashout 10X
    Requires a 100X roll over deposit + bonus - No cancellation bets
    30 day hold - Non cashable bonus

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