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BetPhoenix Sportsbook Review - BetPhoenix Sports Betting Site

Bet Phoenix Review

In America, it’s innocent until proven guilty. In the sportsbook industry, it’s guilty until proven innocent.

Since bettors have been burned so many times but untrustworthy shops, new kids on the block don’t get trust – they have to earn.

BetPhoenix is one of the newer shops around and while they don’t have the tenure as some of the veterans in the industry, they are quickly building up their brand name in a very positive way.

They have very good customer service, enticing deposit bonuses, low juice options, a chic website and fast payouts. That’s not to say they haven’t had speed bumps along the journey but when they’ve had them, they have stepped up to the plate, taken responsibility and found solutions.

BetPhoenix is new but they have earned our trust, which is rarely said for many of the newer shops.

1. Who Bets Here

BetPhoenix has a fairly even mix so far as the recreational players are getting involved because of the bonus structure and the sharper players have taken notice of the lower juice.

This probably won’t be the home of old school pros as the website may be a little too busy for them, but new school bettors will find pretty much everything they need here. There are big bonuses that the casuals love.


  • Western Union
  • Moneybookers (although not on the first deposit)


  • Courier Cheque
  • Moneybookers
  • 2. Customer Service

    BetPhoenix may not have the brand name as some of the other big shops because they are young, but you have to give them credit for their customer service. In time, that is will be one of the key contributing factors in building their company into a powerhouse.

    Beyond the fact that their customer service reps are polite and knowledgeable, you have to love the fact that this sportsbook takes responsibility for its actions. When something is wrong on their end – such as when their site was down because of a change in servers – players who were trying to bet at that time online were rewarded with free plays over the phone. More importantly, their reps didn’t try to play any tricks on clients and rather owned up to it. They even had their live chat staff taking bets.

    This may be small example to some but to us, it shows that the sportsbook is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide service. In an industry where a rep might give you a phony excuse for a delayed payout or where you might get the runaround as to why your bet limit has dropped, it’s nice to know that BetPhoenix will play it straight.

    Methods of Contact

    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Live chat

    3. Placing A Bet

    As nice as BetPhoenix looks on the outside, it is the good ‘ol barebones checkboxes on the inside.

    Once you log in, you’ll find your presented with the old school checkboxes system. For many bettors, this system is tried, tested and true. For a few new school bettors, they’ll probably wonder why such a nice site has such a frill-less betting engine.

    Nonetheless, as all bettors that have used this system know, this is a quick little engine. When you login, you’ll be presented with the sports to bet and the options bet the types above it. Just click, select, enter a wager amount and confirm.

    To be fair, while the checkbox system isn’t exactly new wave, it is widely used by many sportsbooks. It’s just not so appealing from an aesthetic perspective, especially when you consider the rest of the site.

    Methods of Betting

    • Phone
    • Internet
    • Live Chat

    4. Variety

    The variety at BetPhoenix is right about what you would expect from a good book. They have their majors covered fairly well, they have the fringe sports and they also have some live betting.

    If you’re looking for entertainment odds on movie openings and who will win at the Grammys, you are probably at the wrong place. But for 95% of the betting public, you won’t be missing much here.

    They do offer live betting but it is limited to major events – usually televised games.


    • NFL Games: $5,000
    • NBA Games: $5,000
    • NHL Games: $5,000
    • MLB Games: $5,000

    5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

    BetPhoenix does not offer a VIP or loyalty program at this time.

    6. Bonus & Rebate Program

    You can receive a 30% free-play bonus on your first deposit, but this doesn’t work if you’re using credits cards. The bonus is for a maximum of $500 to be rolled over six times, which is fair for such a large bonus.

    You may be able to find more bonuses if you call directly or participate in their live chat, where they’ll occasionally treat clients.

    7. Website & Usability

    In an industry where sportsbook home pages look like a worn down Susan Sarandon, you’ll quickly notice that BetPhoenix’s main page looks like a crisp Kristin Bell.

    When you visit their home page, you’ll notice they are one of the few shops to use real athletes and real logos in their images. It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things but for appearances alone, it looks significantly better.

    Aside from that, it’s clear that they keep their site current. Their main media rotator is updated regularly with upcoming promos, event specific images and cool bonuses. They’ll even use their main page to communicate messages to their customers, such as when they were having recent ISP issues.

    Beyond that, you get a good dose of content from BetPhoenix with some decent headlines and news stories, and you get a “Sports Edge” section with handicapping content from some guy named Dan the Man. Whether or not he picks winners, at least he keeps the site fresh.

    Overall, you get the feel like BetPhoenix is on top of their game. They aren’t just a place that takes your action but they are in touch with the same things you are, they stay current and they offer you more of an experience than just a place to bet and leave.

    The betting engine is a little older, but overall, they get straight As for their site.

    8. Reputation

    BetPhoenix.com has taken a small step backwards because of the payout issues, but for the most part they are straight with their clients and always work hard to fix mistakes.

    Click Here To Visit BetPhoenix.com


    San Jose,
    Costa Rica


    Visit BetPhoenix.com

    Customer Service:



    US Dollars

    Software Provider:


    Current License:

    Costa Rica does not offer sportsbook licenses

    Referral Bonus

    Invite as many friends as you want to join BetPhoenix and if they open their account with $200 or more you will receive a $100 free play.

    30% Free Play Bonus

    Requires a minimum deposit of $100.

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