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BetOnline Sportsbook Review - BetOnline.ag Sports Betting Site

BetOnline Review

betonline screenshot

Meet BetOnline.ag, a sportsbook that is still developing its identity. They don’t have the “Big Bonus versus Low Juice” selling point anymore, which was really their signature, but they do have a number of good things going for them.

They still have relatively big bonuses, they have a loyalty program and they have some unique betting features, such as parlays of up to 25 games and 21-point teasers.

Even so, aside from a content-filled website with plenty of sports betting analysis, BetOnline.ag is lacking a signature selling point that makes itself standout.

While it may not be unique from the crowd, overall, the sportsbook is reliable. There may be some gaps in coverage – you won’t get the best betting variety and you won’t get the earliest lines – but otherwise, this is decent place to bet.

1. Who Bets Here

BetOnline has two ends of the spectrum and not much of the middle. A lot of new school players are finding their way to BetOnline.ag while their loyal fan base is the old school guys who still call in their bets.

The lines here are not sharp and while they do have some sharks who still have their low juice accounts grandfathered, this is clearly a place where the casual player plays.


  • Western Union (fees covered on deposits of $300)
  • Visa Credit Cards
  • Cheque
  • Bank Wire (fees covered on deposits of $300)


  • Western Union
  • Cheque (free per calendar month)
  • Bank Wire

2. Customer Service

BetOnline.ag has fairly good customer service. The call center is general the best way to get stuff done, although live help and e-mail is available.

Sometimes they are a bit sluggish to process requests, but they do follow up on them, which is a good sign. Some sportsbooks just sweep requests under the rug in the hopes that you forget; BetOnline doesn’t.

Beyond, payouts are processed reasonably and there aren’t many complaints overall.

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Live chat

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at BetOnline.ag is a very familiar process to many bettors. While the front end of the website looks snazzy, the back end is just the trusty checkbox system. That means just select the sport, enter the amount and confirm.

There are no real tricks here; it’s an ancient system but many sportsbooks use it because it is so tried, so tested and so true.

Methods of Betting

  • Phone
  • Internet

4. Variety

There really isn’t a whole lot of variety at BetOnline.ag. This is about as meat and potatoes of a shop as you can find.

Don’t worry; they have all the major North American sports covered. You won’t get early lines and you won’t wacky entertainment props either.

As far as actual bet types, though, they do have some cool features that you won’t find at many sportsbooks. You can play 21-point teasers and you can play parlays of games up to 25.

While they may not have the variety in the lines, they definitely do in the bet types.


  • NFL Games: $5,000
  • NBA Games: $5,000
  • NHL Games: $3,000
  • MLB Games: $5,000

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

BetOnline.ag does have a loyalty program, which seems to be a rarity nowadays among sportsbooks. For every dollar you bet, you will earn one loyalty point, which can then be applied to gathering a free play. You need roughly 10,000 points to give you a $25 free play. Also, there are several tiers where you can trade more points for more free plays and etc.

It may not look like much but keep in mind that most sportsbooks don’t have a loyalty program, so just qualify this as a bonus.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

BetOnline.ag has a decent bonus structure where you can get some high deposit bonuses, but keep in mind that they are free plays.

  • If you deposit between $100-$299, you get a 10% free play bonus with a three-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $300-$499, you get a 15% free play bonus with a four-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $500-$999, you get a 25% free play bonus with a six-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $1000-$1999, you get a 35% free play bonus with a seven-times rollover.
  • If you deposit between $2000+, you get a 45% free play bonus with a eight-times rollover.

As you can see, they encourage you to deposit more by offering escalating bonuses.

Overall, we’d prefer cash bonuses instead but as we all know, cash is becoming harder and harder to find. And in those cases, the bonuses are never this high.

7. Website & Usability

BetOnline.ag has a fairly good website that has a lot of sports betting content. At the end of the day, how many sharp bettors really want to read what “Stan Simmons” has to say about an NFL game? Maybe not many. But the reality is that it shows that the sportsbook has a pulse on what is going on and they are investing in a staff of handicappers to at least provide their customers with another avenue of picks. Whether you like the picks, hate the picks or are neutral to them, they are an extra opinion and an extra point of view.

The content on the site is very comprehensive, which is a nice resource. They also have a stats section.

Beyond that, the site looks decent. It was recently remodeled and while they have left the prehistoric era, they still have some ways to go.

On the inside, the sportsbook’s aesthetics are so-so. It’s a betting engine, so it’s not going to have a vibrant design, but this one looks particularly old school. The functionality is simple with the checkbox system; there’s no betting ticket that pops up and you do have to jump from page-to-page. Some of the newer betting engines avoid that extra navigating.

Overall, the outer part of the website is well done but the inside could use a renovation.

8. Reputation

BetOnline isn't the oldest sportsbook on the block, but it has a solid reputation for quality service.

Click Here To Visit BetOnline.ag


Panama City, Panama


Visit BetOnline.ag

Customer Service:



US Dollars

Hours of Operation:

Account management & wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year. Online and phone wagering 24/7/365.

Software Provider:

ASI: SBR software rating A BetOnline.ag's betting pages are easy to use and fast. Custom advancements including point selling is expected in the near future.

Security Level of Server:

Secure level III socket -128 bit encryption security with fire walls

Date Established:


Current License:

Government of Panama - In good standing

The Better Bonus Guarantee

bonuses with 20x rollover

The Lifetime Bonus Guarantee

BetOnline gives you 25% in free play bonuses on EVERY deposit.

No-Hitter Refund

Your MLB team total ‘over’ wagers are now insured – just in case the opposing pitcher is on top of his game. If you bet the over on a specific team total, but the opposing pitcher throws a no-hitter, your wager will be refunded.

The Nil-Nil Refund

Ever bet the Over for a soccer game but neither team managed to produce one measly goal? Now you’re protected. If the score is 0-0 at the end of regulation, Over bets will be refunded.

What the Puck

Did you ever bet on an NHL Total and one of the teams covered the Over all by themselves? If your cash was on the Under, you probably thought to yourself “What the Puck?!” Now you can get your NHL Under bet refunded when such instances occur.

The "Wilt" Effect Refund

The “Wilt” Effect Refund allows you to get your wager refunded on a real-money straight bet on a regular-season NBA game if the team you backed loses and a player on the opposite team scores 50 or more points by the official end of the game.

Casino Parlay Guarantee

Betting parlays on Football just became more profitable. For the first time ever when you hit a 7 team football parlay you will get double the payout (up to $750)

Up 7% Track Rebates

Internet wagers will receive a 7% daily rebate. Telephone wagers will receive a 4% daily rebate

Win a Bottle of Your Choice

Win your choice of a bottle of Vodka, Tequila, Whisky every Wednesday in the Betonline Casino Or $100 Cash bonus in the casino.

Casino Champagne Giveaway

Win a bottle of champagne every Monday.

25% Reload on any deposit in the casino

Deposit $100 or more and receive a 25% bonus in the casino.

100% Slots Match Bonus

Get a 100% Slots Match Bonus on every deposit of $100 or more for slots action.

10% Rebate Program on Casino Play

Be part of this very special Invite only for our Weekly 10% rebate program on your losses. Once you are part of this program you will receive a 10% on all casino losses automatically every week.

175% Slots Match Bonus

Deposit $300 or more and Get an Amazing 175% Slots Match bonus today.

200% Slots Sign up Bonus

Sign up today to Betonline and receive a 200% Slots Match bonus on your first 3 Deposits.

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