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Alert: Sports Interaction is no longer accepting U.S. players.
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SportsInteraction Sportsbook Review - Sports Interaction Sports Betting Site

Sports Interaction Review

Just over 10 years into the game, Sports Interaction is a sportsbook on the rise. It’s a public shop, which means you won’t get the best lines or the best bonuses, but for the Joe Q. Public who is looking for a good experience, Sports Interaction is a good home. Their website is near the front of the pack when it comes to betting, which truly makes the first-rate feel.

Some payout problems (in the past) hurt their reputation but they do seem to be beyond that. Skeptics might suggest to stay away since history sometimes has a tendency of repeating itself but overall, Sports Interaction looks like a site – and company – that continues to improve their product and reputation.

1. Who Bets Here

Sports Interaction is very much a square sportsbook, but it’s worth clarifying what that really means since there misconceptions about the topic.

For the people who just like to wake up Sunday morning before kickoff and have a reliable outlet to place some bets, parlays and teasers, Sports Interaction is perfect. For the sharp guy that likes to shop around and get the best line, he won’t generally find it at Sports Interaction. You’ll pay more for the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, New York Yankees and Detroit Red Wings on the lines at Sports Interaction.

They’re also not the place that has the earliest lines, but there is low juice.

Keep in mind that those things are not important to everyone. To a professional, they are, which is why they won’t head to Sports Interaction but for the regular bettor, Sports Interaction fulfills their needs.


  • Credit Card
  • E-check
  • Western Union (fee covered $300 or more)


  • Check (7-14 business days) $15
  • Couriered Check ($40 check)
  • Bank Wire (2% of withdrawal amount)

2. Customer Service

Sports Interaction has had good customer service in recent years. Their main focus is just a good, fun betting experience and that’s what they produce.

Their customer service reps are courteous, easy to deal with and fairly accommodating. One minor hitch is the lack of live chat but they can still connected through the net via e-mail and they can be contacted over the phone at any time.

The good news is that since they are located in North America, their customer service reps are much easier to communicate with. It gives them a leg up on all of the call centers that are located in Central America.

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at Sports Interaction is fairly easy. For old school bettors, they’ll recognize the popular check box system where you pick your sport and then the lines display.

It’s pretty much as simple as that. When you login, you are presented with a menu offering different bet types and after you select, you check the sport(s) you want to include, enter the amount and then go to separate page to confirm.

It’s not as up to date as the newest betting software, where your betting ticket appears and on the right-hand side and you never have to switch pages, but this is a tried, tested and true system that works.

Sports Interaction also has a very good mobile betting system that is built for today’s smartphones.

  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Internet

4. Variety

The general perception is that Sports Interaction just has the bare bones lines but that’s no longer true. Like many other aspects of this company, this is something that they have improved over the years.

Sports Interaction has a good variety of live betting, they have a regular dose of futures bets and they have a decent amount of exotics. Don’t worry dart fans, they even have you covered too. Their props section is one of the best in the business, on a variety of sports, but they take special pride in their golf odds. You can find lines for any tour in the world, so if you’re a fan of the game, this is right down the middle of the fairway.


  • NFL: $2200
  • NBA: $1100
  • NHL: $1100
  • MLB: $1100

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

Sports Interaction does not offer a VIP program at this time, but they do offer bonuses to loyal bettors.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

Sports Interaction has an average bonus program, but it works. Deposit with them and get a bonus at SIA is a 100% bonus with a maximum of $125, to be rolled over ten times. But they’ll hook you up if you build a relationship with them.

7. Website & Usability

Sports Interaction has a fantastic website, which might just be the best around.

The front page is straightforward but dressed up. It has a nice flash splash in the middle of the screen and right below it is a cool tool that shows you their five most popular bets and how the action is split on those games.

If you scroll lower, you will find a news section with articles on each sport, although it is always filled with fresh news. There is also a Game Chat feature that adds a nice touch to the site, as you can chat with other clients on games and promotions. It’s a great way to make the game interactive.

The mobile site runs smoothly and you can get live scores instead of having a page open for the sports-news sites. You really can’t ask for much more.

One of the nicest features of Sports Interaction is the lack of page changes. You’ll have to jump to a page or two while you are on their site but for the most part, page changes are minimized, which really makes it a fast site.

Overall, it’s a job well done.

8. Reputation

Sports Interaction took a big hit to its reputation earlier on in their development when they had several issues paying out clients. Allegedly, the problems were solely with protracted payouts and long delays for payment, opposed to not paying players whatsoever.

But since that time a few years back, Sports Interaction has been growing positively. Their website has improved over the years as has their customer service.

They have a reputation for being a public sportsbook, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sports Interaction is a site that just keeps getting better, although not being able to accept Americans right now is a knock.

Click Here To Visit Sports Interaction.com


Sports Interaction Route 138,
Box 1539 Kahnawake QC J0L 1B0 Canada


Visit SportsInteraction.com

Customer Service:



  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Danish Krone
  • Swedish Krona
  • South African Rand

Hours of Operation:

Customer service & wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year. Online wagering 24/7/365

Software Provider:


Security Level of Server:

Secure level III socket -128 bit encryption security with fire walls

Date Established:


Current License:

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

VIP Program/Loyalty Program

Sports Interaction sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

Bonus & Rebate Program

Sports Interaction has an average bonus program, but it works. Deposit with them and get a 15% bonus up to $150, which is a match play bonus.

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