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TheGreek Sportsbook Review - TheGreek.com Sports Betting Review

TheGreek Review

While many people laud TheGreek as one of the best sportsbooks around, it isn’t the best sportsbook for everyone. With high limits, money lines galore (regardless of the spread), sharp lines and a good variety on the betting menu, TheGreek has a quite a bit for the professional player. But for the casual Joe, the old school website and limited comfort options aren’t particularly appealing.

If lines are more important to you than razzle or dazzle, TheGreek is one of the best shops around.

1. Who Bets Here

TheGreek is the home of the sharps. For many sports, TheGreek opens the line before anyone else gets to it and if they aren’t the first for a particular event, they are a photo-finish second.

TheGreek has high limits for day-to-day betting and they are one of the few sportsbooks that can house serious action. If you talk to their customer service, they can be flexible – even on their high limits.


  • Western Union (free for $300 or more)
  • All Access Cards Netspend
  • Certified Bank Cheque/Money Order (free for $300 or more)
  • Bank Wire (free for $300 or more)


  • Western Union (minimum $25)
  • Debit Card Elite Pay Card ($30 for the card, $10 for each withdrawal)
  • FedEx Cheque ($35)
  • Bankwire (1% of amount, minimum $55)

2. Customer Service

TheGreek is a bit old school with their customer service but it is still top-notch nonetheless. While they don’t have operators to live-chat with and e-mailing them is typically a sluggish process, they have very reliable phone service. Like any respectable sportsbook, their operators are standing by 24-7-365. One nice feature is that their phone numbers are organized by department on the website, so when you call up, they don’t have to transfer you. Also, TheGreek has plenty of worldwide service toll-free numbers dedicated to specific countries, which is a nice touch if you go abroad.

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Live chat

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet with TheGreek is very simple. Their website might be prehistoric but the lack of flash, java and all sorts of other unnecessary bells and whistles is the exact reason why betting is so easy at TheGreek. Every page loads lightning quick regardless of your internet connection and with a few mouse clicks and quick confirmation and you’re good to go.

Phone betting with TheGreek is standard. You’d be hard pressed to call at a time when someone can’t take your bet, though, which is ideal. Who wants to wait on hold at halftime?

Methods of Betting

  • Phone
  • Internet

4. Variety

TheGreek has a good variety of bets. Starting with the regular lines of the four major North American sports and the NCAA’s, TheGreek is one of the few shops around that will offer you moneylines on practically every game. While most weaklings will cut off the moneyline once a basketball spread passes 10 points, TheGreek will put it up regardless of the spread.

There’s plenty of variety for sporting events, to the point where they might have lines on frog high-jump events soon. They are your one-stop shop for all of your Adeccoligaen (Norwegian soccer) and Super Ligi (Turkish soccer) needs.

When it comes to props and exotics, TheGreek has plenty. The great part about their exotics is that most of them are sports related. Sometimes you’ll run into a shop that has lots of prop bets but many of them are about politics or gimmick-type events. TheGreek has lots of sports props, unique futures and a great deal of options for every bettor.


  • NBA Game: $3000
  • NFL Game: $3000
  • NHL Game: $2500
  • MLB Game: $3000

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

ThreGreek sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

TheGreek has a very basic bonus program but it gets the job done. For initial deposits, you get a 21% cash bonus (up to $250) and each time you reload, you can add 11%.

The good news about TheGreek’s bonuses is that they have a 4-time rollover, which is reasonable. Their bonus structure is standard and they rarely – if ever – change it.

7. Website & Usability

There is no secret that TheGreek’s website is primitive. Encino Man would probably recognize the template.

While there might be a lot of negative connotations that are associated with that last criticism, the truth is that looks don’t mean a whole lot in sportsbook websites. Yes it’s unattractive, yes they never update the site and yes the color scheme is cheesy. But if the trade off is speed, simplicity and security, then we are on board.

TheGreek has a simple barebones website but the site loads fast on any type of internet connection. Pages load immediately after clicking and the ride is very smooth once you get past the outer shell.

TheGreek’s site is very easy to use and all menus are straightforward. It is fairly difficult to get lost.

If looks are a deal-breaker, then look away. Otherwise, TheGreek has what you need.

8. Reputation

TheGreek has one of the best – if not the best – reputation among sportsbooks on the internet. With early lines, big limits, consistent payouts and never a customer complaint that isn’t dealt with swiftly, they have earned their top-notch reputation.

They are pretty much the gold standard that other sportsbooks try to live up to.

Visit TheGreek.com


#1 Mangrove Way
M.B.F.Z Freeport
Jamaica, West Indies


Visit TheGreek.com

Customer Service:

North America: 1-800-641-6026, 1-800-310-8755
UK: 0800-028-7733


US Dollars

Hours of Operation:

24/7 Internet betting, phone wagering and customer service.

Software Provider:

ASI/Extension Software. SBR software rating: A

Security Level of Server:

Banking pages RSA secured with 1024 bit key SSL encryption

Date Established:


Current License:

Good Standing - Registered Players Paradise LTD. / Jamaica


You could be one of 300 winners sharing in over $40,000 in prizes, including a first place prize of $10,000.

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