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Corporate Info

Logans Review

Logans is one of the newest shops in town and since it’s an apple falling from the sportsbook.com tree, there should be some trust trickled down.

‘It’s an American sportsbook with a European approach’, as the site says, which on the surface means it’s a cleaner, less cluttered site than sportsbook.com. The lines are virtually identical, which leaves one of the lone advertised differences is the higher limits at Logans.

Since it carries some of the reputation from Sportsbook.com, you have to wonder out loud about payouts. Sportsbook.com and a number of other members under that company’s umbrella have had payout issues in the past (very long delays).

Hence why it’s worth noting that early in their operation, some of Logan’s players had voiced concerns about fairly slow payouts (up to four months). Keep it in mind.

1. Who Bets Here

One of the few differences – or at least advertised differences – between Sportsbook.com and Logans.com is that Logans.com offers high betting limits. Needless to say, this will obviously attract some higher rollers who like to make it rain.

As far as the lines go, they are about as sharp as Tara Reid after a few martinis, which means they don’t bring in a lot of sharks.


  • Credit Card
  • Debit
  • Gift (International)
  • Western Union (fees covered for deposits over $200)


  • Cashier Cheque (one free per calendar month)
  • Bank Wire (one free per calendar month)

2. Customer Service

Logans has fairly good customer service until you have a payout problem. That’s not a surprise, given their aforementioned link to Sportsbook.com.

You can reach their customer support over the phone any time of day and any day of the year, and if that’s not enough, they also offer the standard live chat and e-mail options as well.

Aside from their early issues of long payout processing, there aren’t any issues with Logans customer service. If their payout holdup is behind them, then you’ll get good support at Logans. That’s a big if.

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Live chat

3. Placing A Bet

It’s important to note that Logans does not accept bets over the phone, which is becoming a bit more commonplace in the sportsbook industry than most people would care to admit.

For some of the new wave bettors, who have a Blackberry with a 3G connection, maybe that’s not a big deal. For some old school players who have relied on dialing a 1-888 number and confirming their bets over the phone, this will be a breaking point.

Also, while its brethren Sportsbook.com does offer mobile betting, Logans.com does not.

Methods of Betting

  • Internet

4. Variety

Although Logans is a book with a European flavor, you won’t find any American content lacking. From football, to basketball, to baseball, to hockey, American sports are covered thoroughly.

But, in general, the coverage is very basic. If you’re looking for wacky props on entertainment – or even on the four majors – there are very few at Logans. If you’re looking for live betting, you’ll also have to look elsewhere.

Logans has your bare necessities but not a whole lot more than that.


  • NFL Games: $5,500
  • NBA Games: $3,300
  • NHL Games: $3,300
  • MLB Games: $3,300

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

Logans sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

When it comes to depositing, Logans has pretty much the same promotions for bonus and rebates as sportsbook.com.

That means you’ll get a 10% cash bonus on your initial deposit and they also will give you a 5% re-up bonus if you re-deposit on Thursdays.

When it comes to the promo programs, though, Sportsbook.com does have a wider variety.

Rebates are thin in both books but one cute rebate that Logans offers is an NFL Shutout Promotion. If you’re favorite NFL team gets shutout on a given week of the regular season, they will refund all moneyline bets. Go team.

7. Website & Usability

Logans has a very nice layout once you login. At first, the main landing page after login will look somewhat busy but it becomes very clear after repeat visits.

Everything is neatly organized on your logged in home page. The top right section is your account details, the bottom right is your current betting ticket, the lines are splashed down the center of the page and the betting sections are on the left.

Their entire list of leagues is down the left side of the page so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for immediately. There’s no checkboxes, no page reloads, just point and click.

Another nice feature with Logans betting engine is that when you’re on the lines pages and you select a line to bet, it simply adds it to your ticket. This is the most popular way nowadays even though some old school sites take you to a new page for your ticket, then a new page to confirm again.

Placing a parlay is a little more confusing that needed, but practice makes perfect. Using Logans isn’t like following one of Bobby Flay’s intricate recipes; it’s just needs some getting used to.

You don’t have to type in your password to confirm bets; all that is required is to check the box next to ‘confirmation’ and you’re good to go.

Logans doesn’t give you a ton of bells and whistles but most betters don’t need it.

8. Reputation

Logans is tied in with the Sportsbook.com family so its reputation should carry over. That used to be a good thing until the Jazette umbrella of books, which includes both of these shops, had some serious payout processing delays last spring.

For some bettors, one strike is enough. For others, they are willing to stick with it. Either way, keeps your eyes open for recent reviews and comments to see how they are handling their customers.


Customer Service:



US Dollars

Software Provider:

World Gaming

25 % Signup Bonus

signup bonus of 25% when you enter the promo code: 25BONUS in the promotion code field in the cashier.

10% Signup Bonus

FREE 10% BONUS CASH will be added to your initial deposit at Logans.com

5% Re-Load Bonus

Every Thursday at Logans.com, we give you the ULTIMATE BONUS -- we will add an additional 5% bonus to every re-deposit you make. That's 5% Free Cash for re-depositing on Thursday! What are you waiting for? Make 5% Free Cash the easy way!

Friday Half Price Odds

Every Friday we run all the Football and Basketball odds at Half Price (For example, instead of laying $110 to win $100, you will lay $105 to win a $100 against the spread).

Half price odds are run on the entire NCAA & NFL weekend lineup. During playoffs 5% Fridays are unavailable. With our high parlay payouts (best payouts in the industry) along with our half price odds and you INCREASE your edge over the house!

No Juice College Football

Saturday we will pick one afternoon nationally televised game and offer the game at even odds, lay $100 to win $100. No Juice.

NFL Shutout Promotion

If your Pro Football team is shutout, Logans.com will refund ALL money line bets. That's right! We will give you a FULL refund if your team gets shutout.

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