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Northbet Sportsbook Review - Northbet.ag Sports Betting Review

North Bet Review

NorthBet is a new competitor in the online gaming industry, started in 2010 by a knowledgeable group of people with over 40-plus years in the community. They are aiming to become the book with the fastest payouts in the industry as they understand how important it is for players to be able to have access to their funds. But there are plenty of other reasons to join NorthBet, as you will see.

NorthBet came into the game offering a same-day policy for payouts, which serves them very well, and they also offer the NorthBet debit card, which will allow players to get their money out in as little as 120 minutes, which is almost mind-boggling in this industry. You can deposit using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers and bank wires, and you can receive payouts on the aforementioned debit card, along with bank wires and wire transfers. The debit card is definitely the way to go in terms of speed and safety, and your money is being handled by an account management team with a wealth of experience (each account management agent has to have at least five years of experience in the industry).

The NorthBet site has a familiar feel to it, and it is a very stream-lined site, straightforward and easy to use. There are not a lot of bells and whistles to implore you to visit a page, and that shows a quiet confidence by the site, that it does the job it is supposed to do. There is also some content on the NorthBet site, mostly pertaining to NFL betting, and there is also a Twitter feed that features trivia questions, which is a nice little interactive part of the site.

NorthBet aims to sweeten the pot for their players when it comes to bonuses, and the more you deposit, the higher of a bonus you will get. For example:

$100.00 - $299.0020% FREEPLAY4X
$300.00 - $499.0030% FREEPLAY6X
$500.00 - $ 999.0040% FREEPLAY7X
$1,000.00 and up50% FREEPLAY8X

Then there is the referral bonus, which offers up an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you can get a friend to join up to NorthBet, you will get a 30% bonus on their first deposit, and then an additional 5% bonus for each subsequent deposit as long as you are both NorthBet members. That’s right, you keep winning each time your friend deposits, and it’s also a good way to get your friends in on the action, which makes the winning aspect of it much more fun. There are also bonuses and promotions in the Casino and Racebook sections of NorthBet, and new players will also get a free scratch-and-play when they sign up.

The variety of sports in the NorthBet sportsbook are pretty standard when it comes to the odds, and obviously, football is going to get the most attention as it does at every other sportsbook. The wage limits are pretty standard in comparison to the rest of the industry.

It is also easy enough for the casual bettor to pick up and make a bet because the betting engine is your standard check-box style.

All in all, NorthBet is still a very young company and are looking to expand their horizons. But they have gotten off to a very good start by trying to distinguish themselves from the rest of the industry when it comes to their payouts, an area that a lot of sportsbooks do not pay much attention to. This reviewer is going to take advantage of all of the perks that NorthBet is willing to give their new customers. Stay tuned as I report back later on the 120 minute withdrawals.

Click Here To Visit NorthBet.com


Visit NorthBet.com

Customer Service:



US Dollars


$100.00 - $299.00 20% FREEPLAY 4X
$300.00 - $499.00 30% FREEPLAY 6X
$500.00 - $ 999.00 40% FREEPLAY 7X
$1,000.00 and up 50% FREEPLAY 8X


Zero fee policy is a member’s only weekly free payout option;


refer your friends today and earn 30% on their first deposit and 5% on all their additional deposits.

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