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PlayersOnly Sportsbook Review - PlayersOnly.ag Sports Betting Review

Players Only Review

Players Only is a lesser known book in the sports betting landscape and maybe – as Martha Stewart would say – that’s a good thing.

They used to be a decent shop until the Jazette Family of sportsbooks took over. Now they are hampered by the same problems that other family members like Sportsbook.com and Logans deal with: slow payouts, bounced cheques and all sorts of runaround when you want your money.

With a nice-looking site, you might be reeled in but until their reputation and payouts improve, it’s best to stay away.

1. Who Bets Here

Players Only is for entertainment players only. They don’t have sharp lines, low juice or fast payouts, so they don’t attract the wise guys.

Meanwhile, their snazzy website, cool promos and decent loyalty program does attract the guy who’s looking for a good time.


  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Gift Card
  • Pre Paid Card
  • Western Union (fees covered for deposits over $200)


  • Cheque (One free payout every calendar month)
  • Bank Wire (One free payout every calendar month)

2. Customer Service

It’s hard to rate their customer service anything other than bad at this point as they endure payout processing problems.

If a player can’t get his money when he needs and is hassled upon request, that falls upon the shoulders of customer service. Who cares how polite they are if you can never get your money out of them?

Hopefully, their payouts improve overtime and we can upgrade them but until then, their customer service cannot receive good marks.

  • Phone
  • E-mail

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at Players Only is only done on the internet. As many people know, a number of sportsbooks are cutting the cords on the phone lines and shifting their total focus online. While new school bettors won’t care, old school bettors might.

Betting at Players Only is fairly easy but it has it’s pros and cons. On one hand, the process is fairly easy as you sift through the menus, pick your bet and then watch your betting ticket pop-up on the right hand side. Their betting engine is fast and you don’t have to change through as many pages as you would with another book.

But with the good comes the bad. Since the site is virtually identical to Sportsbook.com, bettors who log into Players Only will see a very cluttered page. A lot of information is cramped into the middle of the screen and it takes some getting used to.

Other than that, it is an easy sportsbook to place a bet at.

Methods of Betting

  • Internet

4. Variety

Using the same lines system as Sportsbook.com, one thing that Players Only does well is it gives its customers some variety.

From futures, to exotics, to in-game props, Players Only has plenty of aisles to shop from, which is a nice touch. They even have a bit of live-betting, although it is in the early stages.

Overall, there is a good amount of options to consume here.


  • NFL Game: $11,000
  • NBA Game: $3,300
  • MLB Game: $2,000
  • NHL Game: $5,000

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

One noticeable difference between Sportsbook.com and Players Only is the loyalty program.

Players Only likes to give back to the community – the betting community, that is – with their player rewards store. Sportsbook.com used to offer something similar but they cut that off.

As you bet – either in the sportsbook or casino – you acquire gold chips, which can be used towards a number of things such as electronics (Ipods, flat screen plasma TV's, etc.), DVD’s, Books, Poker Goods and more.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

The bonus program at Players Only is another one of the few differences from its family member Sportsbook.com.

At Players Only, you receive a 10% cash bonus upon initial deposit and a 5% cash bonus on all subsequent re-ups.

The good news is that you’re getting a cash bonus and not a free play, but the bad news is that the percentages don’t exactly knock your socks off. What’s worse is that both bonuses are tied down with a whopping 20 times rollover, which about as high as you will find in the industry.

7. Website & Usability

The website is a decent product at Players Only. They have an almost identical design to Sportsbook.com just with a different color scheme. What that equates to is a very good looking site with a clean layout.

If there is one qualm to have about the appearance – and it is a noticeable one – is the fact that the site can be a bit cluttered.

Just like Sportsbook.com, Players Only has a number of good resources on their website including a good stats database (courtesy of Statfox) for matchups, a ‘top bets’ table, tip sheets and profitable angles.

To the pro, this probably is irrelevant information but to everyone else, this can help improve the experience.

Aside from the clutter, this website is job well done.

8. Reputation

Coming from the Jazette Group of sportsbooks, this sportsbook has been thrashed in the public’s eye. From slow payouts to no payouts, this sportsbook – along with the family – has been filed in the blacklist.

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$200.00 Free or a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $650.00.

Entry into a $500.00 Welcome Freeroll tournament.

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