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5Dimes Sportsbook Review - 5Dimes.com Sports Betting News

5Dimes Review

5dimes screenshot

5Dimes may not get the recognition of some of the big boys in the industry but in many ways, they deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. They put up their lines relatively early (in comparison to the majority of books), they welcome big and small players, they have a very wide selection of lines, offer low juice and there is rarely a customer complaint of any sort.

There are a few things to nitpick with, such as the fact that you must play in US funds, or that you can only request your one free monthly withdrawal on Mondays before 01:00 PM ET, but overall, this book does a fine job covering most of the bases.

1. Who Bets Here

5Dimes is one of the rare shops that has a pretty good balance between the sharps and the public. On one hand, their cheap overnight lines on baseball until 8am (five cents), the fact that they allow moneylines on almost any event, the fact that you can parlay more than you can at an average sportsbook and offer main and alternate lines for games and halves on major sports, 5Dimes appeals to the wise guys.

On the other hand, 5Dimes also has an elaborate bonus program – from a 50% match play bonus on deposit to 15% cash back on losses – to appeal more to the public bettors.


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2. Customer Service

The customer service at 5Dimes is on par with the best in the industry.

The fastest and most reliable way to contact them is through the phone, and the list of numbers are all conveniently located on the front page.

If you want something a little more rudimentary, live chat and e-mail is available.

It’s pretty rare that you won’t be able to reach them one way or another. Especially on the phone, they list a backup number for the sportsbook as a fallback during rush hour. Like most books in this industry, they are open 24/7/365.

One unique touch is the fact that they list their fax number on the front page as well. It might sound mundane but often times you’ll have to call a sportsbook or dig around to find their fax number the odd time you need it.

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at 5Dimes is quick and dirty. Once you log in, their menus are purposely made so easy that it’s impossible not to be able to make a bet.

The menu itself is a simple, limited to clicks and checkboxes. While a lot of the newer sportsbooks opt for high-end flash graphics, 5Dimes keeps the aesthetics down to the minimal.

Naturally, that means it is fast. A few clicks and you’re done confirming a bet. Since the graphics are so basic, the pages never take long to load, which is always important when you’re pressed for time.

Adding to all that 5dimes is also now offering live in game wagering and mobile betting.

4. Variety

5Dimes is known for its variety on the menu but there needs to be some clarification.

They do have a big assortment of bets – beyond just the generic lines – but their big assortment is still in the realm of sports betting. For example, some sportsbooks have a lot of unique bets on reality TV, celebrity props, entertainment and financial exotics. 5Dimes is not that.

But what they do offer is a whole bunch of creative bets related to the major sports. You might not be able to bet on whether which female movie star will get pregnant next but you will be able to be on which NFL team(s) will or will not make the playoffs, or which NFL team(s) will or will not win their division.

5Dimes is also one of the rare sportsbooks that will offer points spreads on virtually every single college football and college basketball game – yes, even on the obscure games outside of the top division in NCAA sports. Those lines are hard to find anywhere else.

They also allow monster teasers up to 20 points for football and 16 for basketball, and also pleasers.

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

5Dimes Sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

Some people call 5Dimes bonus program a bit convoluted. While it’s true that it can be a bit confusing for a first-timer, when you boil it down to basics, they are just giving you options, which is something most sportsbooks don’t do.

90% of sportsbooks will give you a specific percentage for a deposit, a specific percentage for a re-up and you go on and have a nice day.

With 5Dimes, the reason it is more complicated is because you can choose your own adventure.

In general, you can go down three roads when you deposit: reduced juice, cashback program or bonus program.

The bonus program gives you either a 20-50% free-play for the sportsbook (depending on the deposit method and amount) or a 50% matchplay. Then, you also qualify for reload bonuses, which are 20% depending on the method deposit method but the deposit amount has to be between $250 – $2500.

Alternately, you can choose to join the cashback program, which offers you 15% cashback on all of your sportsbook losses twice a year. You can request those rebates once before the Super Bowl and once before the start of the NFL pre-season.

Lastly, you can go down the reduced juice road, which obviously appeals to more sharps. While you don’t get the fancy bonuses or rebates, you do save money on a daily basis simply by paying less for the same lines.

7. Website & Usability

5Dimes’ website isn’t exactly the Beyonce of sportsbooks, aesthetically speaking, as their goal is simplicity.

Their landing page isn’t barebones but it’s not much more than that. You won’t find sexy flash graphics or smooth scrolling images on their static page. Instead, you find the bare necessities with a little bit of weekly content (they post their weekly newsletter on their front page).

But if their goal is simplicity and ease of betting, then they’ve nailed the hammer on the head. Whether you’re coming to browse lines or whether you are coming to login and bet, it’s all very straightforward and hassle-free.

Live lines are available at first-click form the home page and a login box is available right away as well.

Once you’re in, it’s fairly difficult to get lost. There are no distractions on the page; simply options to click through such as “Bet The Board”, “Straight”, “Parlay” and etc.

Your balance and pending bets are visible on every page, which again saves you clicks.

The bottom line is there aren’t many bells and whistles at 5Dimes but if you’re looking for a site that’s fast, easy and straightforward, 5Dimes is your spot.

8. Reputation

5Dimes has a longstanding reputation of quality service in the industry. Their customer service can fix any problem you bring to them, they offer everything that a bettor needs to make their picks, and your money secure and you can get it whenever you want. What more can you ask for?

Please Click Here To Visit 5Dimes.eu


5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook
Edificio Equus
San Jose, Costa Rica


Visit 5Dimes.eu

Customer Service:



US Dollars

Hours of Operation:

Customer Service & Wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days per year. Online wagering 24/7/365

Software Provider:

ASI, DGS, Yatahay, ASTgaming, GameTime, 21GNet, BLR Technologies, and Proprietary Software

Security Level of Server:

Multiple security teams responsible for network security, data protection, and DDoS attack prevention

Date Established:


Current License:

Costa Rica does not offer sportsbook licenses

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