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RebateWager Review

Rebate Wager Review

In an a marketplace where 90% of the sportsbooks look alike, it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air. That fresh air is a lesser known sportsbook named RebateWager.

What’s makes them so unique? It’s simple: you get huge rebates any time you lose. Sure, we all know the risks of betting and it’s not usually a winning proposition for many. While most sportsbooks use your losses to go buy Ferrari’s and small islands, RebateWager – as their name suggests – always gives you cash back.

Deposit, play and if you happen to lose, they’ll instantly pay back a rebate. If you want to keep playing, go ahead. If not, you can request a payout right away.

With good customer service and a cutting-edge approach, RebateWager is worth a play.

1. Who Bets Here

RebateWager is made for the casual gambler and it does have a big foundation of the play-for-fun-types.

Any time you have a big bonus or a big rebate, the public players will crowd around but because they offer rebates for all losses, a lot of sharper players try to game the system a little bit. If you bet at RebateWager, then bet opposites at other sportsbooks, you can try to take advantage of the system and some people do.

Keep in mind that RebateWager monitors this very closely. Nonetheless, this sportsbook does cater to a variety of bettors off the spectrum.


  • Western Union
  • MoneyPacks
  • Bank Wire


  • Western Union
  • Moneypacks
  • Bank Wire

2. Customer Service

RebateWager may not have the longest resume around – they are a relatively new face to the game – but they have already established good customer service. They keep in touch with their customers via some forums and betting websites, which shows that they do go to their customers to strengthen the relationships. And any hiccups they have had, they have dealt with very smoothly.

Using their service, you get the feel that they want to do a good job and they want to impress with customer service. That’s the type of service you want to get as a bettor and not just be treated like an account number.

It is worth mentioning, though, that their customer service is not open 24/7/365, which means their hours of operation are below industry standard. But you can always get a hold of them and they haven’t had any issues with payouts, which is an absolutely massive factor in this industry.

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at RebateWager is something you’ve probably already done. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably never actually placed a bet at their site, but they use the very common checkbox betting engine.

When you log in, you’ll be presented with all the sports they have lines for. At that point, you check off the one you want, which takes you to the lines for that sport. After that, you make your pick, enter the amount and confirm. That’s all there is to it.

It is simple, which is why this engine is so common across so many sportsbooks.

Methods of Betting

  • Internet
  • Phone

4. Variety

RebateWager has a very limited variety as far as betting goes. This is not a restaurant with a big menu.

At RebateWager, you’ll find the main courses such as sides and total for all the major sports but that’s about it. Exotics are limited, live-betting is non-existent and props glossed over. This is a place where you bet the main events and not much else.


  • NFL Games: $3,000
  • NBA Games: $2,000
  • NHL Games: $500
  • MLB Games: $250

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

None available.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

We’re done with the basics; now let’s get to the good stuff.

What makes RebateWager so cool is their exceptional bonus and rebate program. For starters, they’ll give you a 100% free-play bonus with a maximum of $500 and it has to be rolled over 12 times.

Here is the breakdown for their rebate program:
$100.00 - $5,000.00 = 25% Cash Back
$5,001.00 ¬ $7,500.00 = 35% Cash Back
$7,501.00 - $10,000.00 = 45% Cash Back
$10,001.00 or more = 50% Cash Back

The above rebates are based on your initial deposit amounts and obviously if you lose said amounts, you get a rebate immediately. As they say, they give you more chances than any other sportsbook and this is true.

The good news with the rebate is that it is cash, so there are no gimmicks.

You also get a free play bonus on subsequent reloads, which is a free play to 25%.

7. Website & Usability

Admittedly, one of the weaker parts of RebateWager is their website.

Before you sign up (or sign in), you are presented with a fairly plane site. They do a good job of posting clear links as to the rules for rebates and bonuses, which is one of the main things people wonder about when they hit their site.

You can check out their sports news section, which is some marginal content. They use an NBC Sports feed and just link you to their articles. It’s better than nothing, but not by much. An in house staff of experts is preferred. They also link you to their “Upcoming Events” and their “Sports Calendar”, which is poorly done. It looks like it took someone five minutes to throw it up.

On the inside, the betting engine is the regular checkbox system. Check off the sport that you want to bet, then the amount and then confirm. It’s a very common engine that everyone is used to but it’s nothing special.

Sure, you’re there to bet so you don’t need much more than that from a betting site but at RebateWager, you literally won’t get any more than that from your experience on their site.

8. Reputation

RebateWager is still building their reputation up because they are a newer shop but they’ve done a very good job so far. Considering their unique business model with an innovative approach, they are on their way to becoming a very reputable brand in this industry. In this business, your reputation can sometimes be the only thing that keeps you above water.

Click Here To Visit RebateWager.eu


San Jose, Costa Rica, Panama City, Panama


Visit RebateWager.eu

Customer Service:



US Dollars

Software Provider:

Digital Gaming Solutions

100% Free Play

Requires a 12x rollover of deposit amount and free play amount, otherwise you will forfeit the winnings coming from this promotion. No hold.

Minimum deposit is $250.00. Max deposit is $500.00. Max free play is $500.00.

50% Cash Back

Requires an 8x rollover of the cash rebate, otherwise you will forfeit the winnings coming from this promotion. No hold.

Minimum deposit is $250.00. Max deposit is $500.00. Max cash back is $250.00.

$100% Free Play Bonus.

Requires a 10x rollover of deposit amount and free play amount, otherwise you will forfeit the winnings coming from this promotion. No hold.

50% Cash Rebate

Requires an 8x rollover of the cash rebate, otherwise you will forfeit the winnings coming from this promotion. No hold.

Minimum Deposit is $250.00. Max deposit is $1,000.00. Max rebate is $500.00.

25% Free Play + 25% Rebate

Requires a 4x rollover of the deposit + free play winnings, otherwise you will forfeit the winnings coming from this promotion. No hold.

Minimum Deposit is $250.00. Max deposit is $1,000.00. Max free play is $250.00.

Referral Bonuses

Get a 25% cash Bonus for every friend you refer between the first and last day of each month.

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