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Looselines Sportsbook Review - Loose lines Sports Betting Review

Looselines Review

Looselines? Their name should be Expensivepayouts.

Looselines is a sportsbook from the JAZZSports family – not to be mixed up with the unreliable Jazette Sportsbook family – and they are a book for the old school bettors.

They are a secure sportsbook and they do offer some big limits on their bets, but you can tell they are old-fashioned because of their out-of-date payout fees and their limited variety outside of the main sports.

Aside from credit cards, Looselines charges a pretty penny to withdraw your funds and in an era where many sportsbooks are offering at least one free payout per month, Looselines is behind the times.

1. Who Bets Here

The public play there because it’s fairly easy to get their money in, the bonuses attract them, but then they figure out the payout problems.

With the exception of the high NFL and NBA limits, sharps don’t risk their money here because of the payout troubles


  • Western Union
  • Bank Wire
  • Moneyline Walley
  • DPT Transfer
  • Voucher PIN


  • Western Union
  • DPT Transfer
  • Moneyboookers
  • Normally, we just list the deposit and withdrawal methods without much comment since it is fairly straightforward information, but it is worth noting that unless you are using credit cards to deposit and withdraw, there are no free methods to pull your money out of the account. In fact, they are fairly expensive.

    For the most part, you’re just aiming to get your money back at all, much less at a fast speed.

    2. Customer Service

    Looselines has fairly decent customer service but you might notice a few quirks in their system. Sometimes you call them up and they answer with just a “hello”, as if you called the wrong number (they should have a formal greeting since they are in fact a business). Also, sometimes you have to be transferred – or automatically connect without request – to the JAZZSports phone lines, which isn’t a big deal but it’s not ideal from a professional sportsbook. Surprisingly, they

    aren’t open 24/7/365 like most other places. Late night their phones might go unanswered and their live chat may be offline.

    And your customer service doesn’t matter if you’re not going to play your players out, so the courtesy of the reps is wasted.

    Methods of Contact

    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Live chat

    3. Placing A Bet

    While there is a nice home page, the betting engine is from the old school, which is disappointing. There are categories and checkboxes and the like, until you make your selections. It could definitely use some modernization, but you can do what you need to do, so don’t expect anything special when making a bet at Looselines.

    Methods of Betting

    • Internet
    • Phone

    4. Variety

    To be frank, Looselines doesn’t have the variety you would expect from most sportsbooks. As per usual, you’ll find your football, basketball, baseball and hockey but their soccer is thinner than most books and their fighting odds (both UFC and boxing) are lacking. It is entirely possible that they open those lines closer to the main events, though. Even tennis isn’t readily offered, which is a surprise.

    To most people, it’s not a big deal. We all know that the bulk of the betting is done on the major American sports but really, the menu is fairly short here. There is no live betting yet, but there are a surprising amount of sports props offered.


    • NFL: $10,000
    • NBA: $5000
    • MLB: $5000
    • NHL: $3000

    5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

    Looselines offers no VIP or loyalty program at this time.

    6. Bonus & Rebate Program

    Looselines loves to entice you with their high bonuses, but what’s the difference when they don’t pay out?

    For what it’s worth, you can receive either a 20% cash bonus or a 40% freeplay with maximums of $00 each, with the freeplay bonus needing to be rolled over 10 times, and the cash bonus, just eight rollovers.

    7. Website & Usability

    Looselines has a decent website. Again, it’s nothing that would make you link to it from your Facebook page but it’s not as ancient as some of the other prehistoric sportsbooks on the internet.

    Their first cool (and potentially unsecure feature) is that after you register for the sportsbook, it immediately fills out the login and password for you in the form before you have ever done that before (before you’ve had a chance to allow the browser to remember the password). That’s a nice, convenient feature but it does make us wonder a little bit about whether or not that is a security risk at all.

    Once you are in, you’ll notice the good ‘ol checkbox system that seemingly hundreds of sportsbooks use. The good news is that theirs is dressed up nicely. Note to other sportsbooks who use the checkbox system: simple graphics and a simple layout can indeed cover up the ugly betting engine. But sometimes you can’t just go and look at their lines, which a lot of sites will offer now and that is a bit disappointing.

    As we digress back to the review, the checkbox system really makes it simple to bet. Check off the sport, check off the line, enter the amount and submit. Clearly, the checkbox system is old school, which fits into a lot of other characteristics with this book, but it is a system that is tried, tested and true. Their old school fan base isn’t hoping for that new Ajax/Java/Flash website update any time soon and if it happens, they might revolt if it is not as dumb easy as this betting engine.

    Aside from those points, it’s worth mentioning that the layout is very clean. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

    8. Reputation

    Their reputation was fine until they stopped paying customers out. Looselines is part of the Jazzette family, which instantly is a red flag, and all of their books have the same problem; Looselines is no different.

    This is a place where those who aren’t in the know will go and while the large bonuses are great out of the gate, you may not ever get to see, so what’s the point. Stay away from Looselines.

    Click Here To Visit Looselines.com


    Oficentro Plaza Mayor
    San Jose 209-1350


    Visit Looselines.com

    Customer Service



    US Dollars

    40% Initial deposit freeplay bonus

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    As a LooseLines member you qualify for a 20% CASH BONUS simply by making an initial deposit of $100 or more!

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