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BetEd Sportsbook Review - BetEd Sports Betting Review

BetEd Review

BetEd is a good recreational book and is a little underrated on the sportsbook landscape.

It’s one of the newest on the scene (2003), which is why its brand name doesn’t ring out as much as a Bodog or TheGreek.

But being one of the new kids on the block, BetEd has set up a crisp website and they’ve done a good job with their customer service. They also have unlimited free withdrawals (with instantCheck) so if you’re looking for a clean place to have fun, this book is a good option.

1. Who Bets Here

BetEd is a sportsbook where bettors go to have some fun. Their mindset isn’t to get the lines open before everyone else, their juice isn’t the lowest and their not the home of the parlays. But what they do offer is a very good experience overall.

On top of the main sports, they offer some cute fantasy matchup bets, they have a good selection of fun props and their site has a section where you can view the BetEd girls.

BetEd is clearly focusing on the recreational player and they are supplementing the regular lines with a few other goodies to enhance the exciting activity.

As evidenced by the fact that you can only withdraw $1500 per request, this place is more for public players than the sharps.


  • instantCheck
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Bankwire (free on deposits over $300)


  • instantCheck (free unlimited)
  • Western Union (fees vary)
  • Bank Wire ((amount x .005) +$55)

2. Customer Service

BetEd.com has fairly good customer service, even though they have been dinged in a few betting forums. The main source of the complaints is when their site crashed in June, 2009 but that server issue was dealt with. They’ve also had a run-in with a player regarding following the rules of their site, but that was also addressed.

Overall, for a newer shop, they’ve done a pretty good job. Since it doesn’t have the tenure as some of the other books in the industry, some bumps in the road can be expected but so far, they have weathered the storm and there hasn’t been much weathering to do.

Customer service agents are adequately helpful over the phone and the e-mail service is pretty good as well. One feature that lacks is live help, but how often are you really going to use it?

Methods of Contact

  • Phone
  • E-mail

3. Placing A Bet

Placing a bet at BetEd is a relatively easy process. Once you’ve logged into the sportsbook, you’ll see the lines display in the lefthand frame and as you peruse through the lines and click away, the top right frame will change into your betting ticket.

As you click on your side or total, the selection is instantly added to the ticket – it’s truly lightning fast. Switching your bets to parlays or teasers is easy as tabs are set up right above your ticket.

After you’ve made your picks, type in the amount, click ‘bet’ and then a quick popup comes up asking you to confirm your password.

The sportsbook software is a little fancier than most places but it doesn’t take any time getting used to.

Methods of Betting

  • Internet
  • Phone

4. Variety

BetEd has a decent variety, but nothing that will blow your mind. All the regulars are invited, including the major sports. They do try to separate with a good share of entertainment and TV props, but there are a number of sportsbooks that do that nowadays.

One cool feature that they offer is their U-Match Fantasy point spread betting. What the feature allows you to do is match any two teams in the NFL or the NBA against each other, and they will offer up a new point spread for you.

For example, if the New England Patriots are playing the New York Giants on a given week and the spread is New England -2. With U-Match point spread betting, you can match the Patriots against any other NFL team that is playing that week and BetEd will create a special spread for you. So you could take the Patriots and match them up against the Oakland Raiders, who are playing at home against the Cleveland Browns that week, and BetEd will create a new spread matching New England against Oakland, even though they aren’t actually playing each other. The result will depend on how many points each team scores in their individual games.

It’s a unique feature to this sportsbook that you won’t find anywhere else and for recreational purposes, it sounds pretty fun.


  • NFL Games: $2,000
  • NBA Games: $2,000
  • NHL Games: $1,000
  • MLB Games: $1,000

5. VIP Program/Loyalty Program

BetEd Sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

6. Bonus & Rebate Program

BetEd has a decent bonus program, which falls about in the middle of the industry pack.

When you deposit, you’ll get a 15% cash bonus, which is capped at $250. The rollover tied to this bonus is five times.

Another option BetEd offers is a 50% cash bonus on your first winning wager. So if you win your first straight bet (it has to be a straight bet), they will pay you an extra 50% on your winnings, which is also capped at $250. This also has a five-time rollover.

Lastly, when you reload with BetEd, they give you a 10% cash bonus with the same rollover requirements.

With reasonable rollovers, a decent initial deposit bonus and a reload bonus on the roster, this bonus program may not be the best around, but it is a good one.

7. Website & Usability

One of the great things about BetEd.com being one of the newer companies in the market is that their website is new wave – or at least newer wave. It may be the new millennium but a lot of sportsbooks still have sites that belong on Geocities or Angelfire. BetEd is not one of them.

BetEd has a cool-looking home page, which is very easily laid out for whatever avenue you want to go down (sports betting, casino, poker or their clubhouse).

Aside from some nice graphics of real athletes – that’s right, they don’t use generic No. 81 who looks like he plays in the same color uniform as a professional team – there isn’t much happening on the main page and that’s a good thing. Some of the sportsbooks that do have higher tech sites throw a multitude of eye-catching promos or headlines on their main page that makes them look too busy. BetEd.com has nice graphics but keeps in clean and simple.

When you login, you are welcomed into a nice, high-tech sportsbook. It doesn’t have power seats or a sunroof, but it also doesn’t have the ancient checkbox methods that younger, internet-savvy bettors are tired of seeing.

BetEd.com has a surprisingly easy to use sportsbook, which makes you wonder why more shops wouldn’t adopt this style. You’re greeted with essentially three boxes in the sportsbook with the lines taking up half the box on the left while the right side is split with your betting ticket on the top half and your ticket on the bottom half.

A real benefit is you don’t have to change pages as everything updates in the frames and you click away. Even when you make your ticket from single bets to parlays or teasers, it’s just a tab that you click to change things up.

Outside the sportsbook, you can also go to the Players’ Clubhouse to get some betting articles and even see some hot chic pics, like our personal favorite, Cassie.

On the whole, it’s worth noting that the color scheme is a very consistent blue coloring and when something is a different color, it really stands out. That proves to be useful in the sportsbook.

Overall, BetEd.com gets high marks for a nice design

8. Reputation

BetEd.com has a decent reputation but the truth of the matter is they still haven’t been around long enough to really get rolling. They are one of the new kids in school and so far, they are pretty cool. And a good start is generally a good sign.


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Initial Deposit Bonus


50% Sportsbook Bonus

Get a 50% CASH bonus if your first bet is a win!!

Reload Bonus

Get 10% CASH each time you reload your betED account!

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