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Choosing a sportsbook can sometimes be like shopping at a used car lot - everything looks good until the money has switched hands.

In a time where sportsbook review websites are willing to get anyone a good review as long as they get the financial incentive to do so, it’s important to find someone honest who tells you the truth about the products that you are shopping for.

In an industry where trust is the foundation, it begins with trust the people who recommend you to the sportsbooks.

At USSportsbookreview, we are as candid as can be. We rate the sportsbooks not only based on our experience but also on the experience of our users and the bettors on the internet. Our finger is closely on the pulse of the betting community and we incorporate every tidbit of news in our reviews.

While we are a brand name and sportsbooks do have a reason to treat us better than the average Joe Public, we anonymously test all of the sportsbooks we review. We devote a minimum of six months of playing experience with each sportsbook reviewed, which includes at least one deposit and one withdrawal.

There are far too many sportsbooks, betting forums or shady friends misguiding you along the way. We break it down as it is. After all, it’s our hard-earned money that we’re playing with and nobody takes care of their money better than themselves.

On that note, here are our three key points in our sportsbook reviews:

1. Trust

When it comes to sportsbooks, most of the time we are sending our money offshore to some obscure place, so if there is no trust, there is no money. It’s as simple as that.

Sports betting is entertaining but we need to know that the money is not only there for us to bet with, but is there for us to withdraw and use back in the real world whenever we need it.

If a sportsbook has payout problems, has a history of cancelling winning bets or any other type of shady activity, they get docked very heavily in our reviews. In those cases, we recommend you avoid them.

2. Lines

If the trust factor is there, then the next most important aspect is the lines.

When it comes to lines, we like to see a wide variety of lines ranging from the major sports, all the way down to exotic props and entertainment. Live betting is also a huge plus.

The more options a sportsbook is willing to give their client, the better the score we are willing to give them.

Another aspect of our lines review is the juice and what type we are being charged as players. Sportsbooks that offer lower juice receive higher scores. Sportsbook that charge regular juice are not diminished as that is considered the norm. Rather, the books that go above the call of duty and drop their juice are rated higher.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is the third factor in our reviews.

What’s incorporated in customer services is not just how easy it is to open an account and deposit. Most players will tell you that those are the two easies processes.

We want to know how a sportsbook handles your withdrawals and are taking money from them. Do they charge lofty fees on deposits or withdrawals? How fast can the money reach you when you withdraw? Do they make you send 100 personal documents before they allow you access to your money?

Most sportsbooks have call centers that are open 24/7/365, most sportsbooks have constantly functioning websites and most sportsbooks are cordial as long as you are winning.

We evaluate sportsbooks based on how they deal with problems and solve them. That’s how you really find out what type of customer service you are getting.

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