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Why We Started:

After spending so much time in the industry as a customer, you get a pretty good feel for which sportsbooks are actually recommended and which ones are the ones to avoid.

Even so, when you surf around the web to sports handicapping websites, betting forums or even so-called sportsbook review sites, you see the blacklisted ones mixed into their recommended books. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of sellouts in this field and a lot of people who will guide you to deposit in any sportsbook that pays them money.

That’s good for them but it’s not good for us.

The reason we started is because there is a need for a reliable, genuine and honest place that reviews sportsbooks. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be penned by people who have written for the New York Times but it does have to be genuine.

That’s why we started.

What We Stand For:

Above anything else, we stand for honesty.

There’s enough distrust in the sports betting industry to make a used car salesman blush. Whether you’re trying to find a clean guy to buy picks from, a trusted forum that doesn’t have a bias or a sportsbook review site that hasn’t been paid off, there are enough fractures in integrity before the bettor can even get to laying down the -110.

Our mission statement is to keep it real.

We review our sportsbooks based on our experiences and based on your experiences. If we’ve had legitimate beef with a sportsbook, you’ll hear about it. And if you’ve had a problem with a sportsbook, we want to hear about it.

We stand for candor because the sports betting industry lacks it and is in dire need of it.

Who We Are:

We are sports bettors who have been handicapping for a while – and for the some that are in the red, maybe a little too long.

Nonetheless, we have been through the rigors of accepted and declined deposits with different credit cards, the clamping down on Citadel and Neteller and the introduction of UIEGA. More importantly, we’ve dealt with enough Caribbean call center operators, delayed payouts, bad beats and last game-of-the-night bailouts.

And we still love to do it.

There are tons of people who enjoy it just as much as we do and that’s why we’ve put in the time to share our knowledge about being safe with sports betting and guiding people to the most reputable and trusted sportsbooks.

About Us

We live sports betting. Decades in the game mean we know which sportsbooks are quality and which ones to avoid.


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