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Shopping Around - How to get value out of your sportsbook

You’ve heard of shopping around for the best airfare, the best insurance rates and the cheapest apples, so why not the best betting lines?

There are plenty of services out there that allow you to see the entire display of lines at every sportsbook and choose which line you want so that you get the best value.

But what does getting the best value mean? And is it worth it?

Getting the best value means that you get the best line. If you’re playing points spreads, that can mean a differences of anywhere between a half-point all the way up to two or three points in some cases.

Sportsbook A:

Bills +7.5 -110
Lions -7.5 -110

Sportsbook B:

Bills +8 -110
Lions -8 -110

Sportsbook C:

Bills +7.5 -105
Lions -7.5 -105

If you are getting a better spread (betting the Bills in Sportsbook B) – even if it is only a half-point difference – what you are really doing is increasing your chances of winning. Or if you would rather get the lower juice, you can bet at Sportsbook C and save some money on the exact same spread but pay less for the money line.

There are a few downfalls to shopping for lines – just as there are to shopping for the best deals in any area of the market.

For starters, you have to have multiple sportsbook accounts. For some people, they consider that a security risk, a hassle and more work than they want to deal with. Obviously, it’s much easier just calling up your book and placing a bet but if you want the best price, you have to work for it.

And that’s exactly another reason why people don’t shop around: too much of a time commitment. Even though there are tools that flash you the lines of every sportsbook on the net and show alert you the second the lines change, that still takes some time and care to pay attention.

All in all, shopping around is what the professionals do. It involves some extra work with your betting and some extra care, but it pays off.

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