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Bonuses - Have a bonus to pick

Every sportsbook wants to entice you with their bonuses but not all bonuses are the same. Some are free plays, some are match plays and some are cash. Here’s a description of the three avenues you can take and what they mean:

Free Play

A free play bonus is free money that you get from the sportsbook that you can play with, but is never actually yours.

For example:

Sportsbooks ‘R Us gives you a 30% free play on your $1000 deposit. Now your account is $1300 but technically, only $1000 of it is yours. The other $300 you can bet with as if they are yours and keep the winnings, but you can never withdraw that $300. If you lose the money, it’s just a free play that was never yours to begin with.

Match Play

A match play is very similar to a free play and in many ways, it’s just a synonym. As a matter of fact, it is a synonym.

A lot of sportsbook will give you a match play bonus, meaning that if you deposit an amount, they will give you a 100% free play bonus, therefore matching your deposit into the sportsbook with an equal bonus.

As far as how the bonus actually works, it is the same as a free play bonus.

cash bonus

A cash bonus is very simple: whatever bonus they give you, that is cash in your account. Once you have completed the rollover requirements, you can take the money out and your original deposit – along with the bonus – is yours to keep.


If you’re a betting man, you would always prefer a cash bonus to anything else. Free play bonuses tend to be higher but that money is never yours. A cash bonus gives you everything that a free play bonus and more because you can withdraw and keep the bonus that they give you.

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